Stewardship of the Land & animals

On Rehoboth Farm we practice Regenerative Agriculture practices.  We go far beyond organic standards with our stewardship practices.  Our farm is a part of the greater ecological system of the Dismal Swamp area of Southern Suffolk. The impact we make on the land is far reaching and therefore it must be done with a conscience conviction to leave God’s creation to function as it was designed. Everything we do is to leave the land better than we found it.  The biome of the soil is teaming with microbiology that grows the plants to be higher in nutrition. Thus feeding our animals and ourselves which heal and restore our bodies.

Pasture Raised Chicken & Eggs

Our pastures provide the perfect environment to raise nutrient dense healing chicken & eggs to heal your body. We never use antibiotics or hormones. They forage on the grass & insects. We feed NON-GMO grains.

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Forest Raised Pork

Our pigs roam our woods and browse for mushrooms and the eat up the understory of the forest.

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Pasture Raised Beef & Lamb

We do not supplement with any feed our lamb and beef is exclusively grass fed. Over winter we provide local hay that continues to provide a well functioning gut biome for our animals.

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Transparent Farming will Transform farming

Know You Farmer, Visit their Farms, Ask Them their Practices, Build Relationship


Our pasture raised Thanksgiving turkey’s become available for preorder deposits  in late September to early October.  Be sure to follow us on social media for real time updates and availability.

Our Pasture Raised turkey’s never receive any antibiotics or vaccines. We rotate them on our pastures continuously throughout their life so they can graze the grasses and hunt the insects.  We also harvest our turkeys the Monday before Thanksgiving so that your family can enjoy the freshest turkey for your holiday table. We take so much pride in the stewardship of our land and animals and believe you can taste that in our meat.