Small Scale


Family Farming

God Called, we answered

We are first generation farmers, motivated to leave this planet better off than we found it.  We are a small scale family farm growing chickens for eggs, broiler chickens for meat, seasonal turkey & lamb and a few beef all raised on our green and lush pastures. We also are raising the most dynamic pork in the forest that you have ever tasted. All our meat is rotated on our land, that is free of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides but rich in minerals, diverse plant life, fungus, and lots of critters that make our soil thrive. We know our soil health is the most critical element to the well-being of our animals, which directly impacts our health and yours. We want to honor and steward the Lord’s creation with integrity and transparency. We love learning and growing and aren’t afraid of working hard and getting dirty.  We have watched God bless our farm beyond our imaginations and we want to obediently walk with Him and see what else He has for us and our lovely customer community that has partnered with and embraced us.

We raise fresh chicken in spring & summer. Eggs are heavily available in the spring and in high demand all summer and will be less plentiful in the fall. Winter please contact for availability.  Pork is available all year. Turkey is available for Thanksgiving. Lamb & Beef is limited to once a year at this point. Follow us on social media to see what we are raising and when various meats are available.


Regenerative Family Farm in Southeastern Virginia right outside the Great Dismal Swamp

Farm Events and Workshops held throughout the yearJoin Us On Our Regenerative Family Farm To Learn & Understand Where How Food is Grown, Harvested ,Cooked Up & Enjoyed

Farm Events & Workshops

Welcome to the farm

   Hog Workshops    /    Farm to Table Dinners     /      Christian Meetings

                            Farmer to Farmer Community Meet Ups

Homeschool Days    /    Chicken Processing Workshops   /    YOUR EVENT ON FARM  

We enjoy hosting our community via classes and workshops here on our beautiful farm.  We are constantly adding opportunities to learn and help others develop skills as well as gain knowledge through hands on application.  We love feeding and educating our community and truly getting to know each individual. 

Make sure to check back regularly as we add in events in throughout the year!

2024 Workshops