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We are a family  farm specializing in pork, chicken and eggs.  We believe in local, small, community impacting farming.  We believe in leaving the soil better than we found it. We believe that food can heal and restore body, mind and soul.  We believe that God has called us, Jesus has redeemed us and the Holy Spirit is leading us. We are Josh and Jessica, we have chosen to follow after the calling by God into this beautiful, yet stretching adventure of full-time farming.  Josh left the United Stated Coast Guard after nearly 10 years of active duty service. We had been raising chickens throughout most of his career and felt the call to steward the land. It became so overwhelming that Josh ended his service early to obediently go after all that God had for us. 

We believe our farm must be transparent with our practices, feed, and are open for visitors.  We love being open for customers, students and our community to come in and learn and explore our farm. We believe the soil health is as vital as the welfare and health of our animals. For this reason we do not use herbicide, fungicides or pesticides to preserve soil health. We feed NON-GMO grains.  We want every customer to really know where their food is coming from, where & how it is raised and where & how it is butchered.  To preserve  & perpetuate the heritage of farming we must appreciate the process and the people created to steward it. Farm tours available to those who come by to shop on farm.  Large group tours are available please contact us directly, there is a fee due to the time they take.

Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs


Our On Farm Store is open by appointment.

Feel free to give us a call to schedule a time to shop or pick up an online order.

(757)535-5350 between 9am till 5pm

We have a weekly farmers market every Saturday mid April thru the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November from 9am till 12pm in the Ocean View section of Norfolk, VA.  

Our Market location is located at Bay Oaks Park, 2413 E Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518

We love our local farmers market community & love getting to know customers & their families as they shop our market booth and all our fabulous vendor friends!